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What is the Minnesota Valley Trust (MVT)?

The MVT is a non-profit corporation that utilizes $26 million in settlement funds to mitigate the impact on the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge of the north-south runway at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The MVT is interested in working with landowners who wish to sell or donate their land to become part of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Wetland Management District. Learn more about this settlement and the MVT's work.

How do I determine if the MVT may be interested in my land?

Priority expansion areas are located in the valley of the Minnesota River, between Chaska and St. Peter, Minnesota. The Trust also acquires land outside the river valley as Waterfowl Production Areas.

The MVT will consider all requests to determine if the land has:

Who determines the value of my land?

An appraisal may be ordered to determine value of the land. The purchase price is negotiated between the MVT and the landowner. The MVT only works with willing sellers. Learn more about the acquisition process.

Can my land be taken against my wishes?

No. The MVT only works with landowners who are interested and willing to sell or donate their land.

What happens to the land after it is sold?

The MVT undertakes restoration to provide excellent wildlife habitat. After the habitat restoration work is completed, the land is then donated to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to be managed in perpetuity for wildlife and people.

Is there public access to land the Trust has acquired?

Yes. Once restoration of the habitat is complete, the land is open to the public under the USFWS's regulations. Refuge lands are open to the public for wildlife-dependent recreation, including hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, wildlife photography, interpretation and hiking. Camping, motorized vehicles, bicycles and horses are not allowed on Refuge lands, with a few exceptions.

Visitors can also enjoy the newly completed environmental education and visitor center located on the Minnesota Valley Refuge. Also underway at the refuge are new visitor access and interpretive facilities, including trails and parking lots.

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